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So you don’t stink. You’re not the sort of person who mistakes deodorant for water. You shower, you brush your teeth and people aren’t crossing the street to get down wind of you. When it comes to personal hygiene you’ve got nothing to worry about… right? Right?!?

But if your friends were doing personal hygiene wrong, would you tell them? Because a crazy 80% of Americans say that they would NEVER tell a friend he had bad breath… even if it was really, really bad.

And if you’re in that brave 20% would has no problem having awkward personal hygiene conversation with a friend.

What about your boss? What about you boss’s boss? Because only 1 in a 100 people surveyed said that they would be willing to have the smelly talk with a superior.

Which could be a problem because a whopping 23% of Americans admit to having gone more than two days without brushing their teeth in the past year. And 1 in 5 Americans say that they literally never floss. As in, never.


So what if there’s a secret to personal hygiene you’ve overlooked? You’d want to know. You can’t afford not to know. So how good is your personal hygiene… really?

Personal Hygiene: 201 – The Theory and Function Of Brushing Your Tongue

Of course you brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day, but what about your tongue?

Some people find cleaning their tongue uncomfortable and so leave it out of their oral care routine. This is a mistake.

Anything that’s passing through your mouth is passing over your tongue and bacteria can easily build up on the tongue’s surface. Not only does this cause bad breath, but it also helps create the conditions for tooth decay and gum disease to develop.

When you’ve finished brushing your teeth, gently clean the surface of the tongue. You can use your toothbrush or a specialist tongue scraper. If your tongue hurts or starts to bleed, you are applying to much pressure.

Bacteria thrive in a dry mouth, so keep hydrated during the day.

If your brushing your teeth, flossing and brushing your tongue, then your personal hygiene is… probably not bad!

Personal Hygiene: 301 – The Ecology Of Unwashed Ears: Organic Mushroom Farming And The Amazing Human Oil Well

Most functioning human adults remember to wash their sweaty bits.

But even if you wouldn’t dream of showering without scrubbing your pits and bits, you may well have forgotten what your grandmother said about washing behind your ears.

Dirt, dead skin, oil, sebum and general gunk build up in any creases and crevices of your body… like the ridges of your ears and your belly button, even though they don’t perspire.

So unless you clean and – just as importantly – dry, these parts of your body regularly, you can end up with some truly disgusting accumulations of grimy muck.

Just like this girl. 

If you’ve got a strong stomach, you can see exactly what nine months of hardened sebum, keratin and hair stewing in a bellybutton turn into.

Spoiler alert, it’s a cross between a demon baby and blackhead.

Are you washing behind your ears and keeping your belly button clean? Congrats. Your personal hygiene is… pretty good!

Personal Hygiene: 401 – Do Androids Dream Of Electric Zits?

Clean bed sheets are one of life’s great pleasures. But even if you’re not changing your bedding as often as you would if you had a full housekeeping staff and drawers full of fine Egyptian linen, you should still considering throwing your pillow cases in the wash every other day.

Think about it, this way.

You spend time and money perfecting a nightly skincare routine, buying scrubs, serums, cleansers and magic balms to keep your face looking clear and fresh.

Then you spend seven to eight hours with that same face pressed up against the same grubby pillow case that you’ve been sweating and drooling on since… whenever you changed it the last time.

It’s like stepping out of the shower, only to go dry yourself with a dirty rag you’ve kept moldering on the floor.

You’re only as clean as your dirtiest linens.

And if you’re noticing that one side of your face breaks out more often than the other, this may well be the reason why.

In a similar vein, if you’re the type of person who often makes voice calls then make sure you’re keeping your phone screen sanitized.

Dirt, grime and bacteria from our hands gets on the screen and when you press it up against your face, all that nastiness transfers to the surface of your skin causing blemishes.

Do you keep the stuff that touches your skin clean? Then well done. Your personal hygiene is… nothing to worry about!

There must be some other reason why no-one wants to hang out with you 😢

Jk. You’re fine, babe.

personal hygiene




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