Aging Problem

If you’re regularly asking yourself “do I look old?”, it’s probably because you’re worried that your lifestyle is starting to take a toll on your appearance.

While some aspects of the aging process are down to good luck and good genetics, many of the things that make you look older than you feel are entirely under your control. Instead of asking yourself ‘do I look old’, perhaps you should be asking whether you’re guilty of any of these common prematurely-aging behaviors.

Do I Look Old… Or Am I Just Dressing Too Young?

Mutton dressed as lamb is a horrible expression, with a horrible assumption at its core. The idea that once you pass a certain age, the only way to be desirable is to pass yourself off as a younger model.

But not only is this false, the surest way to draw attention to the fact that you’re not as young as you used to be, is to try to adopt the look and habits associated with a much younger generation.

The contrast between a youthful look and an older wearer has always been a source of comedy, because it betrays the basic insecurity about the person who thinks they’re fooling the world into believing they’re something they’re not.

Opinions, looks and style all develop as we get older. Embrace it!

Do I Look Old… Or Is My Skin Giving Me Warning?

do i look old

For a few brief years, after the acne of adolescence subsides, your skin keeps all your secrets. But before long late nights, too much booze, cigarettes and poor diet end up written all over your face.

It’s not the years themselves that are making you look old, it’s how you’ve been spending them.

This may not sound all that comforting. But there’s good news!

Pay attention to what your body is telling you about the way you’re treating it and make the changes you need to make. The positive steps you take to look after your health – like drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and limiting alcohol – will also leave their mark. When you look in the mirror next, don’t ask “do I look old?”. Instead ask, “do I look well?”.




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