The Real Reason Your Diet Isn’t Working

your diet isn't working bruce bogtrotter
Your diet isn't working! But in theory it should be simple. Calories are just food energy. Your body uses energy from the calories you consume to do all the general staying alive stuff a body has to do, and stores the excess energy as fat. When you diet you're trying to consume fewer calories than...

Can Aspartame Kill?

can aspartame kill
Aspartame is a used as a sweetener, but thirty years after it hit the market it remains controversial. So can aspartame kill and what exactly is it? What Exactly Is Aspartame? To make aspartame you need to join together two amino acids, aspartic acid and phenylalanine. If the idea of joining together amino acids sounds vaguely familiar, that’s...

The Truth About Aspartame

truth about aspartame
Does this common sweetener cause cancer, weight gain and make your urine glow in the dark... even if there's just a little bit of truth to the claims, you need to know. So what's the truth about aspartame, the whole truth about aspartame and nothing but the truth about aspartame? Read on, to find...

Should I Do A Cleanse?

should i do a cleanse
If you're asking yourself 'should I do a cleanse?', you're probably the type of person who loves a fresh start! Whether that's the back-to-school ritual of sharp pencils or an 1980s teen movie make-over montage, a new beginning can be a wonderful thing. Princess Mia Make Over GIF from Princessmia GIFs Pop legends from David Bowie to...

Weird Things You Never Knew Could Make You Die Young

die young
Taking Supplements Makes You Die Young Swallowing Vitamin GIF from Swallowing GIFs Wait a moment before you pop that multivitamin! Did you know that your supplements could be making you die young? Well ok. Not 'die young' exactly, but 'die slightly younger on average' just isn't as clickable is it? Research from the Iowa Women’s Health Study published...

Three Surprising Superfoods Without The Super Price Tag

surprising superfood
What if I told you there was a surprising superfood which may help to slim your waistline, not your wallet? Forget the exotic ingredients and crazy claims of diet gurus and health marketers, a true super food is any food that's affordable, nutritious and tastes amazing. So without further ado, let's bring on the surprising...
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